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Learn More. On the move. September 18, No Comments.

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July 9, No Comments. More on the move. Better Ingredients for Better Health. As Seen On. Movita Life. Interview with expectant mother, Alexandria Lee. More Movita Life. Stay in Touch. Aside from James being from Aussie the part of the world we were coming from and Laurentine being from Europe the part of the world we were making the move to , it was their very reason for producing the film that won me over.

It was family. The story has a very happy ending for his family more like a beginning , but the actual film also enjoyed much success over the years. Food Matters has nearly 1 million fans on Facebook and the website has seen 11 million visitors since My family. We all support each other to eat healthy since we helped my dad get well. Keep it simple. Focus on adding in good food and not taking out bad food. Drink green juice. Get out in nature. Be barefoot. Have as much of your entire body as possible see the sun.

Drink lots of water. Read a good book. Forgive yourself. Take long baths. Your story and films have inspired me to study nutrition and help more people in need of this lifesaving information. Apart from his cool, witty, fun and sweet character, Russell James also happens to be one of my biggest inspirations in the culinary world of raw. He is super creative and passionate about his insane food and you can see that radiating in all of his photos. Russ does it all! Improving your diet is Start learning about new foods. There's so many options out there, that if you genuinely find a few new foods and recipes that excite you, there'll be no stopping you.

Motivation is temporary, so if you have the motivation to change things, that'll only last so long. Use that motivation to take some cooking classes and get some new recipes under your belt. If you're going to raw food classes, you'll meet other people that are into their health too, which really helps. To become a healthy person, you need to do things that healthy people do.

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That means not just what you do in your kitchen, but exercise and social stuff. The good news is that in the process, you'll meet some amazing people that will keep you going.

Staying healthy while travelling is It's all about the preparation. Car journeys are easy in terms of being able to take what you want. Generally lots of water and some dehydrated things with a dip are great. It was 16 hours of driving, so I wanted to stay alert.


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